Pablo Garrigós Pablo Garrigós


Pablo Garrigós is a Spanish visual journalist based in Brussels. He collaborates with news agencies
such as Sipa press, Bloomberg or Belga. His work has been featured in national newspapers across
Europe like El Pais, The Guardian or Le soir and in TV Stations like Al Jazeera, RTVE, France 24 or GloboTV. 

Additional to my assignments for media I am working on long-term projects focus on identities and human rights.

Feel free to contact me (EN, FR, ES, CAT)

+32 486079071


- Finalist Il Reportage Photojournalist Award 2018
- Finalist Photon Festival 2018
- Nikon-NOOR Academy Sweden Masterclass (Selected, 2018)
- Finalist "Photography and journalism Seminar of Albarracín" with Last border (October 2017)


- "L’Europe des zones grises" (2017), group exhibition host by 'Geopolis, centre du photoreportage' in Brussels.

- "Primavera Valenciana" (April-June 2012), a group exhibition with photojournalists from Valencia about the riots between students and police because of the demonstration against the budget cuts made by the government

- "Fragments d'un any 2011 & 2013", (May-June 2012-March-May 2013), a group exhibition with the best photojournalism from Valencia during 2011/2012

-"Cooperando - Una sola familia", exhibition about the cooperation in Congo for Cáritas (2015-2016):