Pablo Garrigós Pablo Garrigós


Born in Canals (Valencia-Spain), 1988. I studied BA in journalism at University of Valencia (2006-2011) and photography at EASD of the same city (2009-2011).
Now, I am based in Brussels as photojournalist after having worked for several newspapers and press agencies. Available for photo and video assignments of EU-topics, events, interviews and stories. Additional to my assignments for media I am working on long-term projects focus on identities and human rights.

Feel free to contact me (EN, FR, ES, CAT)

+32 486079071
+34 669765223


- Finalist Il Reportage Photojournalist Award 2018
- Finalist Photon Festival 2018
- Nikon-NOOR Academy Sweden Masterclass (Selected, 2018)
- Finalist "Photography and journalism Seminar of Albarracín" with Last border (October 2017)


- "L’Europe des zones grises" (2017), group exhibition host by 'Geopolis, centre du photoreportage' in Brussels.

- "Primavera Valenciana" (April-June 2012), a group exhibition with photojournalists from Valencia about the riots between students and police because of the demonstration against the budget cuts made by the government

- "Fragments d'un any 2011 & 2013", (May-June 2012-March-May 2013), a group exhibition with the best photojournalism from Valencia during 2011/2012

-"Cooperando - Una sola familia", exhibition about the cooperation in Congo for Cáritas (2015-2016):